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COVID-19 Global Update

March 24, 2020


  • Lockdown

  • All non-essential shops are closed

  • Travelling to and from work is allowed, but only where work absolutely cannot be done from home

  • Gatherings in public of more than two people who do not live together will be prohibited

  • Always 2m away from people they do not live with

  • All social events, including weddings, baptisms and other ceremonies are not allowed - funerals will be allowed

  • Parks will remain open for exercise but people are not allowed to gather in groups

  • Hotels are mainly closing unless key workers need to stay there, or if other people staying there cannot return to their primary residence


North America

  • Maryland, Virginia, Arizona and Tennessee became the latest states to order citizens to stay at home, meaning 32 of 50 states have taken such steps

  • New York, Washington and California are the hardest hit.

  • Each state seems to be doing different things depending on the level of cases

  • There are some selected hotels that remain open in different Cities but not a great deal. Many closed hotels are now being opened and being used for first responders and health care workers.

  • There are advisories in place from each state’s health department requesting that bars, restaurants, spas and gyms are closed

  • Barbers, hair salons, nail parlours, tattoo shops etc have been shut down as of the 21st March in NY, NJ, PA and CT with other states to follow

  • Domestic US Airlines are open but limited



  • Lockdown

  • Bars, Restaurants, Wineries, Schools closed

  • Businesses that do not provide essential services have been ordered to close as of the 17th March

  • The public have been urged to stay at home

  • LA is on lockdown from Friday 20th March

  • Most hotels still open


New York

  • Lockdown

  • All non-essential workers told to stay home

  • Schools, bars, restaurants closed

  • Restrictions on gatherings of over 50 people

  • Most hotels open. Our NY agent has special authorisation to deliver to hotels

  • JFK international lounges closed, limited club lounges open




  • Lockdown

  • All bars, restaurants, recreational and entertainment facilities closed

  • Gatherings over 50 restricted

  • Schools closed until April 27th

  • Non-essential workers and businesses closed or working from home

  • Most hotels open



  • borders are closed to all but essential travel

  • Restrictions on social gatherings and advise to stay at home

  • shopping centres have been advised to close

  • schools shut until May 1st

  • Restaurants on take out service

  • Most hotels and airport lounges open


The Hamptons

  • all the grocery stores, natural food markets, upscale food markets etc are all open

  • Many bars, restaurants are closing / closed

  • Redirecting copies to Lux Apt Bldgs, FBO's, Marinas, Yacht Clubs, Domestic US Airline Lounges as all are still open but with reduced footfall



  • Travel restrictions for entries from outside the Schengen area

  • Establishments such as bars, Clubs, theatres, Museums and cinemas are required to close. Essential stores such as grocery stores, supermarkets, drug stores, pharmacies and Banks remain open

  • Bavaria is on lockdown. No other area has currently implemented this but it is suspected that they will

  • Airport lounges closing. Some hotels open



  • Lockdown

  • France’s borders have been closed to the rest of Europe and the Schengen zone

  • Supermarkets, bakeries and pharmacies remain open

  • Beaches along the Mediterranean are closed and parks, gardens, forests and waterfronts have also been closed to the public

  • The Cote should improve before Paris

  • Restrictions are set to last until the end of April




  • Lockdown - restrictions have got tighter

  • Borders are closed for all other than Spanish citizens

  • All non-essential workplaces in Spain will close for two weeks. Workers will receive their usual wages but will have to make up lost hours at a later date

  • People are only permitted to head outside their homes for essential shopping trips

  • Events have been cancelled

  • Hotels and lounges closed inc Ibiza



  • Foreign nationals - except EU/EEA, EFTA or UK nationals - are not allowed to enter Iceland. This advice is valid until 17 April 2020

  • There is a ban on public events of 20 or more people until 12th April]

  • Hotels still seem to be open



  • Public have been urged to stay home

  • Only businesses providing essential goods are remaining open

  • All private and public events have been banned

  • Restaurants, bars, sports, and cultural spaces closed until 19th April

  • Majority of hotels are still open

  • Schools closed until 4th April

  • Borders are being closely controlled



  • Social gatherings banned

  • Hotels, restaurants etc still open



  • Restrictions extended until after 13th April

  • Norway is turning away all travelers, bar those from the Nordic countries, Denmark, Finland and Iceland. Anyone insisting on staying, must self-isolate for two weeks says the health department

  • All schools are being closed along with sport halls and public events

  • Pubs, clubs, restaurants are closed



  • Most hotels are closed until 30th April

  • Travel is restricted

  • Museums, restaurants, clubs, bars, theatres, playground and gyms are closed



  • No travel restrictions

  • Schools are closed until 20th April

  • Venues still open and operating but social distancing has been advised

  • Large events of 5,000 or more to be postponed/cancelled

  • Mexico City has closed museums, nightclubs and gyms and banned events with more than 50 people



  • Large gatherings banned

  • Schools and many offices are closed. 80% of all private sector employees need to work from home so offices are able to remain open but with limited staffing

  • Cinemas, gyms, spas, bars and club are closed. Can still visit beaches

  • Hotels remain open, but for in-house guests only. This will be reviewed in a couple of weeks

  • All inbound and outbound flights have been suspended until 8th April so the lounges have therefore had to close



  • Not in total lockdown but have implemented more restrictive measures in recent days

  • Gatherings outside of work and school are limited to a maximum of 10 people

  • Schools and businesses remain open, while businesses have moved to encourage working from home

  • Bars, clubs, cinemas and other entertainment outlets are also shut till April 30.

  • Malls and restaurants have been ordered to reduce crowds if they are to stay open, if they are unable to do so they will be forced to close

  • Religious services are suspended.

  • Physical distancing is a must and those who do not keep a 1-meter distance whilst in public can face fines or jail

  • Residents who breach 14-day stay home notices issued to them after their return from another country will also have to comply or face fines and jail

  • Hotels and lounges open. Bars and entertainment venues within hotels must close and restaurants need to adhere to social distancing laws.


Hong Kong

  • Restrictions were lifted in March but with a second wave of confirmed cases the government reversed its course on easing restrictions

  • Workers were told to work from again

  • Parks cinemas and arcades are closed temporarily and everyone advised to social distance 

  • Gatherings of more than four people is now illegal until at least next week, to be reviewed

  • Restaurants have to reduce capacity

  • Hotels have seen a spike in occupancy levels as citizens and expatriates return to the city. Many are seeking refuge in hotels, fearful that cramped apartments could put families or flatmates at risk

  • Tourists and transit passengers from HK airport have been barred. Those who were allowed in are quarantined. A large portion of the recent confirmed cases are imported

  • Hotels have seen a spike in occupancy levels as citizens and expatriates return to the city. Many are seeking refuge in hotels, fearful that cramped apartments could put families or flatmates at risk.



  • Tokyo has issued another lockdown to prevent 2nd wave

  • Olympics have been postponed until July


South Korea

  • Cases have dropped sharply

  • Hotel, restaurants, bars etc all open

  • Borders tightened and strict checks in place on visitors from China, Italy and Iran



  • Partial lockdown imposed

  • Schools and universities, along with many entertainment and recreation venues will be closed. Shops offering food and essential services will be among the few that can remain open – restrictions to last until 12th April



  • Queensland in on lockdown

  • Overseas travel has been banned, with some exceptions such as aid workers and compassionate travel

  • Bars, clubs, gyms and entertainment venues such as cinemas are closed

  • Groups of more than two people from the same household are prohibited

  • Hairdressers and barbers can continue but must strictly manage social distancing and restrict the amount of time a patron can be in the premises to no more than 30 minutes

  • Restaurants and cafes can offer delivery and takeaway only. Food courts in shopping centres may also only offer takeaway

  • Weddings are restricted to five people – the couple, the celebrant and two witnesses

  • Funerals limited to no more than 10 people

  • Visits to houses should be kept to a very small number of people, including for family barbecues and birthday parties. States may choose to legislate to restrict house parties

  • Hotels and lounges open

*please note that this article was published on 3rd April and includes information available at the time.

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