COVID-19 Global Update


  • The UK will be in lockdown from Thursday 4th November - Wednesday 2nd December

  • Educational establishments will remain open

  • All non-essential businesses have been ordered to close, this includes, but is not limited to clothing and electronics stores, hair, beauty and nail salons, indoor and outdoor leisure facilities such as bowling alleys, leisure centres and gyms, vehicle showrooms, travel agents, tailors, entertainment venues such as theatres, concert halls, cinemas, museums, zoos and botanical gardens.

  • Food shops, supermarkets, garden centres and certain other retailers providing essential goods and services can remain open and adhere to COVID-secure guidelines to protect customers, visitors and workers

  • Hospitality venues like restaurants, bars and pubs must close, but can still provide takeaway and delivery services. However, takeaway of alcohol will not be allowed

  • Corporates - people have been advised to work from home where possible. Some offices are remaining open so we can offer limited magazine placement on our racks

  • Meeting socially indoors with family or friends is prohibited unless they are part of your household or support bubble. Exercise or visiting outdoor public places with the people you live with, your support bubble, or 1 person from another household is allowed

  • Funerals can be attended by a maximum of 30 people. Weddings and civil partnership ceremonies will not be permitted to take place except in exceptional circumstances

  • Anyone coming into the UK from counties not on the travel corridor list have to self-isolate for 14days. The list is continuously being amended.

  • Airport lounges remain closed in the large although a select few have re-opened

  • Gate services and media walls in certain airports are offering a limited service

  • The Eurostar* lounge is accepting limited magazines

  • Cruises will not recommence until 2021

  • Private jet centres are operational with some accepting magazines

  • Our racks in luxury apartments in Canary Wharf are fully operational and effective with healthy pick-up rates

North America

  • The pandemic situation differs wildly from state to state. All the following states are seeing cases going up: Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Nevada, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Utah and therefore restrictions are being re-imposed

  • US Domestic Airline distributions are slowly re-starting with Delta Airlines, and are set to ramp up for October and November with things set to continue to progress into the winter and beyond

  • Private jet centres are open and accepting magazines

  • Magazine placement in luxury lobbies in NY, Florida and Washington is proving very popular

  • The Hamptons are busy with people deciding to stay for the winter and magazine placement remains in high demand

  • We now have access to Long Island's Gold Coast and Cape Cod


  • Lock-down continues to ease but this is one of the stricter states

  • Bars, Restaurants, Wineries - open but mainly for outside only

  • Hotels re-opening with limited facilities

  • Salons/barbers open in the main

  • Gyms have re-opened

  • Corporates - return to offices began in September

  • Entertainment venues are open

New York

  • New York was the hardest hit and therefore has eased at a slower but sensible rate to successfully control the virus

  • Entered Phase 4 however several restrictions remain in place. Across the state, certain businesses deemed high-risk by officials, due to drawing large crowds, have not been allowed to reopen these include cinemas, concert venues and amusement parks

  • Bars and restaurants currently offering take out services and outdoor dining has been extended indefinitely with restaurants now installing portable outdoor heaters. This past week indoor dining started with a 25% seating capacity

  • Health Clubs have reopened with 50% capacity

  • New York, Connecticut and New Jersey - marinas and golf courses open

  • Hotels are all starting to reopen with discount rates. Occupancy is low but should pick up throughout the holiday season. Our NY agent has special authorisation to deliver to hotels

  • Schools are reopening with 2-3 in-school days and 2-3 virtual days

  • Malls have now reopened

  • JFK international lounges closed but Delta Airlines lounge is accepting magazines

  • A 14 day quarantine applies to passengers from the worst hit states listed above

  • Magazine placement in luxury apartment buildings is proving very effective


  • All bars, restaurants, recreational and entertainment facilities have opened with restrictions depending on the county

  • Most salons/barbers open

  • Most hotels open

  • Delta Airlines lounge excepting magazines


  • Canada-US border restrictions limits all non-essential travel across borders until 21st October

  • Restrictions on recreational travel are still in place and the government continues to advise to avoid all non-essential travel outside Canada

  • Ontario announces new restrictions and steep fines amid Covid-19 surge. The new rules reduce the size of indoor gatherings to 10, down from 50, and outdoor gatherings to 25, down from 100.

  • Corporates - staff continue to work from home wherever possible

  • Restaurants are open but capacity is limited to accommodate physical distancing. Guests can dine in groups of up to six people

  • Schools have re-opened and provinces have tried to limit class sizes, but many students have opted for online learning

  • Most hotels and limited airport lounges open

The Hamptons

  • The Hamptons are stronger than ever as tens of thousands have moved out of NYC to the Hamptons permanently

  • All the grocery stores, natural and upscale food markets are all open

  • Hotels, bars, restaurants are open, some with outdoor dining only

  • Magazine placement is proving popular and copies are accepted across all venue genres


  • An emergency four-week lockdown until 30t November has been put in place

  • Schools, kindergartens, non-essential shops, churches and hairdressers will be able to remain open

  • Theatres, cinemas, gyms and other leisure facilities will close. Restaurants remain open for takeaway only

  • No more than 10 people, from maximum households, will be allowed to convene at one time


  • A second lockdown has been implemented and people ordered to stay at home except for essential work or medical reasons

  • Non-essential businesses, such as restaurants and bars, will close, but schools and factories will remain open

  • People are banned from travelling between regions and have to remain within 1km from their homes

  • Attestation forms to justify leaving the house are required

  • Exercise for an hour, within one kilometre of the home is permitted

  • Schools will stay open and visits to care homes are allowed

  • Internal borders within the European area will remain open for essential travel and with few exceptions the external borders will remain closed


  • A partial second lockdown has been introduced, restricting travel and shopping and making remote working mandatory wherever possible

  • Non-essential shops requiring close contact, such as hairdressers, have been closed, as have gyms, swimming pools and other leisure facilities.


  • The Spanish government declared the state of emergency last weekend, introducing a curfew between 11pm and 6 am in all regions except the Canary Islands

  • People are allowed to leave their homes to go to work, care for someone and buy medicines

  • Only gatherings of fewer than six people who do not live together are allowed


  • Italy has refrained from introducing a second lockdown so far however restrictions are in place

  • Gyms, theatres, cinemas, ski slopes and swimming polls have been closed since last Sunday for at least one month, while bars and restaurants have to close at 6pm and can only sell takeaways after that time

  • Museums, places of worship and schools remain open, although 75% of high school students must have remote classes

  • Many Italian regions have introduced a curfew between 11pm and 5am to prevent gatherings.

  • Masks are compulsory everywhere – both indoors and outdoors – except in private homes.

  • Hotels open with restrictions

  • Airport lounges still closed


  • As second set of measures have been put in place extending the mask-wearing rule, limiting public and private gatherings, and getting all bars and restaurants to close at 11pm

  • Each region is implementing different restrictions based on individual circumstances. Geneva are the strictest and a semi-confinement from 7pm on November 2 has been imposed. Bars, restaurants and non-essential shops will be closed; schools will remain open.

  • Zurich airport lounges now open and accepting magazines


  • Little sign of lock-down

  • Non-essential travel to Sweden from countries outside the EU is suspended. This ban will apply until December 22

  • Public gatherings and events may have a maximum of 50 participants

  • Hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes remain open and are exempted from the 50-person limit but they must ensure that guests can keep at least one meter's distance from other people

  • Limited airport lounges open for magazine placement


  • Ranked in the top 20 safest countries in the world

  • Everything is now open as usual and magazine placement is thriving

  • Airline lounges, which are the last venues to resume, have also started to take magazines

  • All hotels are open and have reported fantastic occupancy levels thanks to staycations

  • Offices are open with 100% workforce

  • Gyms, restaurants, spas and salons have all re-opened

  • Beaches clubs are open and accepting magazines in plastic covers

  • Events are now back on track with a number of high profile events set to take place during Q4. Please get in touch for event details


  • Hotels open with limited facilities and are accepting magazines

  • The airport is open including circa 50% of the lounges which are accepting magazines

Hong Kong

  • Many businesses, leisure facilities and shops are open

  • Hotels and restaurants open with limited facilities, accepting magazines

  • Circa 50% of airport lounges open and accepting magazines


  • Bars, cafes, restaurants, salons and entertainment venues all re-opened with restrictions. Most are accepting magazines on the basis they are for single use only

  • Air travel very limited but 200 domestic routes restarted. Qantas domestic airline lounges have now reopened and we have started delivering magazines

  • Most hotels are open with many reporting solid bookings for Oct and beyond

*please note that this article was updated on 3rd November and includes information available at the time.

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