COVID-19 Global Update

June 10, 2020


  • Lockdown continues to ease with non-essential retail re-opening 15th June

  • Hairdressers, restaurants, cafes and pubs due to re-open 4th July onwards

  • Corporates - workers told to work from home if they can until further notice - phased returns expected from July but some may not be until Jan 2021

  • Hotels are mainly closed unless key workers need to stay there, or if other people staying there cannot return to their primary residence. They will not re-open until 4th July earliest.

  • A 14 day quarantine period has been imposed for anyone coming in from overseas, this will last until at least 29th June. 

  • Airport lounges remain closed

  • Masks must be worn on public transport and 2m social distancing still applies


North America

  • Most states are still easing out of lockdown with each state doing different things depending on their number of cases

  • Hotels are re-opening but with more limited facilities and strict sanitising procedures

  • Many bars, restaurants, spas and gyms are closed but again this differs by state

  • Select domestic airport lounges are open but limited footfall

  • Deliveries to upmarket Manhattan luxury apartment lobbies proving popular as people continue to work from home wherever possible

  • The following article gives you a good guide by state



  • Lockdown has started to ease but this is one of the stricter states

  • Bars, Restaurants, Wineries - opening this month in some counties but mainly for outside only

  • Hotels re-opening with limited facilities

  • Salons/barbers open in the main

  • Gyms - re-opening this month in some counties

  • Corporates - staff still encouraged to work from home 

  • Entertainment venues due to re-open this month


New York

  • New York was the hardest hit and therefore easing at a slower rate

  • Schools, bars, restaurants closed

  • Restrictions on gatherings of over 50 people.

  • New York, Connecticut and New Jersey - marinas and golf courses open

  • Only a few hotels are open to guests but this will improve throughout July. Our NY agent has special authorisation to deliver to hotels

  • JFK international lounges closed, limited club lounges open



  • Lockdown continued until end of May

  • All bars, restaurants, recreational and entertainment facilities gradually opening in June with restrictions depending on the county

  • Most salons/barbers open

  • Most hotels open



  • Canada-US border will continue to be closed until at least 21st June for non-essential traffic

  • Corporates - staff are to continue to work from home wherever possible

  • Restaurants on take out service only

  • Most hotels and airport lounges open


The Hamptons

  • All the grocery stores, natural food markets, upscale food markets etc are all open

  • Many bars, restaurants have started to open, some with outdoor dining only


  • Border restrictions will be lifted 15th June

  • Retail and hairdressers now open for business

  • Most restaurants open but some outdoor dining only

  • Airport lounges mainly closed.

  • Hotels mainly re-opened with restricted facilities



  • Travel restriction of max 100 km internally now lifted

  • Hotels, bars and restaurants re-opening in June with restrictions

  • Beaches along the Mediterranean, parks, gardens, forests and waterfronts are re-opening in June

  • Paris - private jet centres and train lounges open. Airport lounges remain closed



  • Cafes, bars, restaurants all re-opening in June with restrictions

  • The state of emergency will be lifted on 21st June allowing for freedom of movement

  • 1st July- 14 day quarantine measures will be lifted including for tourists

  • Hotels starting to re-open in June with restrictions

  • Airport lounges still closed 

  • Some essential pupils have returned but most schools closed until September



  • Lockdown has eased with shops, hairdressers, restaurants/bars/cafes, gyms re-opened with restrictions

  • Hotels opening with restrictions

  • Airport lounges still closed

  • Schools won't re-open until September



  • Events up to 300 now allowed

  • Restaurants, bars, salons, retail, sports and cultural spaces are all now open with restrictions

  • Majority of hotels are open with low occupancy

  • Airport lounges closed



  • Masks in public mandatory until vaccine is found

  • Little sign of lockdown despite having highest virus deaths in nordic region

  • Hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes still open. 



  • Lockdown has eased

  • Airports due to re-open mid June including selected lounges

  • Hotels have re-opened but not pools as yet

  • Cinemas, gyms, restaurants, salons and clubs have all re-opened

  • Retail including malls are open

  • Beaches are open with social distancing measures



  • Started a 3 phase easing of lockdown on 2nd June

  • Hotels open with limited facilities

  • The airport is open including lounges but non-essential international travellers still banned from crossing border


Hong Kong

  • Many businesses, leisure facilities and shops are open

  • Hotels and restaurants open with limited facilities

  • Airport lounges open


  • Bars, cafes, restaurants, salons and entertainment venues all re-opened with restrictions

  • Air travel very limited but 200 domestic routes will restart 1st July

  • Most hotels are open with low occupancies but have solid bookings from July

*please note that this article was updated on 10th June and includes information available at the time.

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