COVID-19 Global Update


  • Local lock-downs are being implemented in areas where cases are on the rise

  • Most venues have been allowed to re-open as long as safety measures are adhered to including; hairdressers, restaurants, cafes, pubs, gyms and play areas. The vast majority of venues are not accepting magazines due to questionable government guidelines that are not based on scientific findings, these are being challenged

  • Corporates - phased returns have started but in line with government guidance, those who can work from home are being advised to do so. Limited magazine placement on our racks

  • Hotels started to re-open from 4th July but this is very much a gradual return with restricted facilities. Currently not accepting magazines

  • A 14 day self-isolation period has been imposed for anyone coming in from counties not on the travel corridor list with the list continually changing

  • Airport lounges remain closed in the large although a select few have re-opened

  • Gate services and media walls in certain airports are now operational and are taking magazines

  • The Eurostar* lounge is re-open and accepting magazines

  • Cruises will not recommence until 2021

  • Private jet centres are operational with some accepting magazines

  • Certain events are on track to take part the later end of the year

  • Our racks in luxury apartments in Canary Wharf are operational and effective

North America

  • The pandemic situation differs wildly from state to state. All the following states are seeing cases going up: Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Nevada, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Utah and therefore restrictions are being re-imposed

  • US Domestic Airline distributions are slowly re-starting with Delta Airlines, and are set to ramp up for October and November with things set to continue to progress into the winter and beyond

  • Private jet centres are open and accepting magazines

  • Magazine placement in luxury lobbies in NY, Florida and Washington is proving very popular

  • The Hamptons are busy with people deciding to stay for the winter and magazine placement remains in high demand

  • We now have access to Long Island's Gold Coast and Cape Cod


  • Lock-down continues to ease but this is one of the stricter states

  • Bars, Restaurants, Wineries - open but mainly for outside only

  • Hotels re-opening with limited facilities

  • Salons/barbers open in the main

  • Gyms have re-opened

  • Corporates - return to offices began in September

  • Entertainment venues are open

New York

  • New York was the hardest hit and therefore has eased at a slower but sensible rate to successfully control the virus

  • Entered Phase 4 however several restrictions remain in place. Across the state, certain businesses deemed high-risk by officials, due to drawing large crowds, have not been allowed to reopen these include cinemas, concert venues and amusement parks

  • Bars and restaurants currently offering take out services and outdoor dining has been extended indefinitely with restaurants now installing portable outdoor heaters. This past week indoor dining started with a 25% seating capacity

  • Health Clubs have reopened with 50% capacity

  • New York, Connecticut and New Jersey - marinas and golf courses open

  • Hotels are all starting to reopen with discount rates. Occupancy is low but should pick up throughout the holiday season. Our NY agent has special authorisation to deliver to hotels

  • Schools are reopening with 2-3 in-school days and 2-3 virtual days

  • Malls have now reopened

  • JFK international lounges closed but Delta Airlines lounge is accepting magazines

  • A 14 day quarantine applies to passengers from the worst hit states listed above

  • Magazine placement in luxury apartment buildings is proving very effective


  • All bars, restaurants, recreational and entertainment facilities have opened with restrictions depending on the county

  • Most salons/barbers open

  • Most hotels open

  • Delta Airlines lounge excepting magazines


  • Canada-US border restrictions limits all non-essential travel across borders until 21st October

  • Restrictions on recreational travel are still in place and the government continues to advise to avoid all non-essential travel outside Canada

  • Ontario announces new restrictions and steep fines amid Covid-19 surge. The new rules reduce the size of indoor gatherings to 10, down from 50, and outdoor gatherings to 25, down from 100.

  • Corporates - staff continue to work from home wherever possible

  • Restaurants are open but capacity is limited to accommodate physical distancing. Guests can dine in groups of up to six people

  • Schools have re-opened and provinces have tried to limit class sizes, but many students have opted for online learning

  • Most hotels and limited airport lounges open

The Hamptons

  • The Hamptons are stronger than ever as tens of thousands have moved out of NYC to the Hamptons permanently

  • All the grocery stores, natural and upscale food markets are all open

  • Hotels, bars, restaurants are open, some with outdoor dining only

  • Magazine placement is proving popular and copies are accepted across all venue genres


  • Border restrictions have been lifted

  • Retail and hairdressers now open for business

  • Most restaurants open but some outdoor dining only

  • Airport lounges mainly closed.

  • Hotels mainly re-opened with restricted facilities


  • Hotels, bars and restaurants have re-opened in the main with restrictions and some hotels are accepting magazines

  • Paris - private jet centres and train lounges open and accepting magazines. Airport lounges remain closed. The Eurostar* lounge is open and accepting magazines. Hotels, spas and private members clubs are now re-open and magazine placement has recommenced

  • The South of France are experiencing a high number of cases so many hotels and venues have been forced to close again


  • Cafes, bars, restaurants all re-opened with restrictions

  • Hotels re-opening with restrictions

  • Airport lounges still closed

  • Beaches are being closed where social distancing is not being maintained


  • Lock-down has slowly eased with shops, hairdressers, restaurants/bars/cafes, gyms re-opened with restrictions

  • Hotels open with restrictions

  • Airport lounges still closed


  • Restaurants, bars, salons, retail, sports and cultural spaces are all now open with restrictions

  • Majority of hotels are open with low occupancy

  • Zurich airport lounges now open and accepting magazines


  • Masks in public mandatory until vaccine is found

  • Little sign of lock-down despite having highest virus deaths in the Nordic region

  • Hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes still open

  • Limited airport lounges open for magazine placement


  • Ranked in the top 20 safest countries in the world

  • Everything is now open as usual and magazine placement is thriving

  • Airline lounges, which are the last venues to resume, have also started to take magazines

  • All hotels are open and have reported fantastic occupancy levels thanks to staycations

  • Offices are open with 100% workforce

  • Gyms, restaurants, spas and salons have all re-opened

  • Beaches clubs are open and accepting magazines in plastic covers

  • Events are now back on track with a number of high profile events set to take place during Q4. Please get in touch for event details


  • Hotels open with limited facilities and are accepting magazines

  • The airport is open including circa 50% of the lounges which are accepting magazines

Hong Kong

  • Many businesses, leisure facilities and shops are open

  • Hotels and restaurants open with limited facilities, accepting magazines

  • Circa 50% of airport lounges open and accepting magazines


  • Bars, cafes, restaurants, salons and entertainment venues all re-opened with restrictions. Most are accepting magazines on the basis they are for single use only

  • Air travel very limited but 200 domestic routes restarted. Qantas domestic airline lounges have now reopened and we have started delivering magazines

  • Most hotels are open with many reporting solid bookings for Oct and beyond

*please note that this article was updated on 13th October and includes information available at the time.

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