COVID-19 Global Update


Currently we can offer:

  • Our merchandised racks in luxury apartments in Canary Wharf are fully operational and have been popular with the HNW residents, magazines are in high demand with healthy pick-up rates

  • Despite the majority of people working from home, some corporate offices are still open so we can offer limited magazine placement on our racks

  • Gate services and media walls in certain airports are offering a limited service for business / essential travellers

  • The Eurostar* lounge is accepting limited magazines for business / essential travellers

  • Private jet centres are operational with some accepting magazines

  • Residential door dropping is very popular for targeting people at home helping to drive subscriptions and increase brand reach

  • We can provide direct access to new home movers through Home Move Box

The roadmap out of lockdown is moving in the right direction and restrictions across England continue to ease:

Step 3, started as of the 17th May:

  • Outdoors, most social contact rules are lifted - although gatherings of over 30 people remain illegal

  • Indoors, the rule of 6 or 2 households applies until reviewed

  • Indoor hospitality, entertainment venues such as cinemas and soft play areas, the rest of the accommodation sector, and indoor adult group sports and exercise classes have reopened

  • Larger performances and sporting events in indoor venues with a capacity of 1,000 people or half-full (whichever is lower) and in outdoor venues with a capacity of 4000 people or half-full (whichever is lower) are allowed

  • In the largest outdoor seated venues where crowds can spread out, up to 10,000 people can attend (or a quarter-full, whichever is lower).

Step 4, no earlier than 21 June:

  • It is hoped all legal limits on social contact can be removed

  • The hope to reopen nightclubs, and lift restrictions on large events and performances that apply in Step 3

*The decision on each stage will be based on data not dates, and government will move cautiously to keep infection rates under control

North America

  • Delta Airlines Sky Clubs currently have 52 locations with more set to open throughout the summer

  • We have an extended list of private jet centres which are open and accepting magazines

  • Magazine placement in luxury lobbies in NY, Florida and Washington is very popular

  • The Hamptons are busy with people deciding to move away from NYC and take up permanent residence here due to the change in work culture

  • We have access to Long Island's Gold Coast and Cape Cod and magazines have been popular amongst venues

  • Live events have restarted and we can provide bespoke placement opportunities


  • California has loosened its tier guidelines, allowing more counties to start opening up.

  • Bars, Restaurants, Wineries - open for indoors and / or outdoors dining depending on counties tier

  • Hotels are open with modifications and with limited facilities in certain tiers

  • Salons/barbers, gyms and other non-essential businesses are open in the main with capacity levels varying depending on what tier they are in

  • Indoors and outdoor sports and entertainment facilities have reopened with limited attendance varying between counties

New York

  • Retail, food services and offices are reopen with social gathering limits of 250 people indoors or 500 people outdoors

  • Indoor dining is permitted with limited capacity and social distancing

  • The majority of hotels are now

  • Events, arts and entertainment allowed to reopen with social distancing

  • Large sports arenas are allowed to operate, masks are required indoors, except while seated and eating or drinking

  • JFK international lounges closed but Delta Airlines lounge is accepting magazines

  • Magazine placement in luxury apartment buildings is proving very effective and supply is in high demand


  • All bars, restaurants, recreational and entertainment facilities have opened with capacity restrictions

  • Non-essential retail businesses are limited to 50% capacity

  • Most hotels open following COVID measures

  • Delta Airlines lounge excepting magazines

The Hamptons

  • The Hamptons remain stronger than ever as tens of thousands have moved out of NYC to the Hamptons permanently following the shift in work culture

  • All the grocery stores, natural and upscale food markets are all open

  • Hotels, bars, restaurants are open, some with outdoor dining only

  • Magazine placement is proving popular and copies are accepted across all venue genres


  • Canada-US border restrictions limits all non-essential travel across borders until approximately spring time

  • There are strict rules on entry for all, including Canadian citizens. All arrivals must quarantine for 14 days

  • Corporates - staff continue to work from home wherever possible

  • Restaurants, gyms, personal care services, theatres and non-essential businesses can open with restrictions varying between provinces

  • Events and social gatherings are allowed with limited capacity and COVID measures in place

  • Most hotels and limited airport lounges are open


  • Germany has implemented tough new lockdown rules to curb a third wave of infections which may be in place until mid June

  • There is a curfew in place which runs from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. and allows people to leave their homes only if they must go to or from work, seek medical assistance or take a dog for a walk

  • In areas where there are low infection rates, some restrictions have been eased to allow nonessential stores and other businesses to reopen

  • Outdoor dining has reopened for bars, restaurants and cafes. The rules on outdoor dining are set by the individual states, meaning the rules are subtly different in the various parts of the country

  • Non-essential retail can reopen with the condition of one customer per 10 square meters. Contact-based professions, such as massage practices, are also allowed to reopen with a negative test result

  • Public spaces such as museums, zoos and gardens as well as retail businesses are allowed to reopen with COVID measures in place

  • Hotels are open, magazine placement is on a case by case basis

  • International travel to high risk areas is not permitted

  • We can offer magazine placement in the lounges at the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport as well as in Private Jet Centres in Germany


  • Restrictions have eased across France

  • The domestic travel ban has been lifted so people can travel further than 10km radius of their homes

  • Outdoor service has resumed at bars, cafes and restaurants, and spectators are allowed back into sports venues, albeit with limited numbers. Museums, cinemas and non-essential shops have reopened too, again with limited numbers and strict hygiene

  • The nightly curfew has been moved back two hours, to 9pm, and is set to be lifted at the end of June

  • Travel restrictions are still in place

  • We can offer placement in Private Jet centres and first class train lounges

  • We have resumed distribution in the Côte d'Azur and can offer placement at prestigious events such as Cannes Film Festival and MIPIM -


  • All non-essential shops have re-opened but with limited capacity

  • Restaurant, café and bar terraces are open for outdoor service only between the hours of 8am and 10pm. Tables are limited to four people (unless all people are from the same household group). A takeaway service is permitted

  • Outdoor cultural and other events can take place with a maximum of 50 people

  • Masks must be worn indoors and where social distancing is not guaranteed


  • The nationwide State of Emergency has ended although some restrictions and curfews remain in force and may vary between regions

  • Limited opening hours and capacity of bars and restaurants - some regions remain closed

  • Hotels open with limitations and vary between regions

  • The obligatory use of face masks in public spaces, social distancing and hygiene and air ventilation rules must continue to be observed at all times


  • Coronavirus restrictions in some parts of the country have eased as all regions have moved into the "yellow zone."

  • Yellow zones - restaurants and bars can stay open until 10pm, indoor table service to resume from 1 June until 6pm. Cinemas, theatres and concert venues can reopen, with limited capacity and pre-assigned seating. Museums and exhibits can reopen but must be pre-booked at least one day in advance. Beach facilities and open air swimming pools have reopened. Fairs are permitted from 15 June and conferences from 1 July. Limited attendance to outdoor competitive group sports from 1 June. Spas and theme parks will reopen on 1 July

  • Travellers arriving from EU countries, the Schengen Area, Great Britain and Israel can enter Italy without having to quarantine provided that a negative result is provided and taken no more than 48 hours prior to entry

  • Airport lounges still closed


  • From May 31 restaurants will be allowed to serve groups of up to four people at indoor tables provided they follow strict hygiene and tracing conditions. Wellness centres and spas will also be able to reopen, albeit with limited capacity

  • Shops, zoos, museums and libraries have re-opened

  • Arrivals do not need to quarantine unless they are entering from a country of high risk

  • Zurich airport lounges now open and accepting magazines


  • Until September 2021, a temporary pandemic law ("Pandemilagen") shall apply. As a result, certain activities that are not covered by other infection control legislation can be closed or restricted

  • No more than eight people may be present at a public or private gathering or event

  • Shops, gyms, indoor sports facilities, and swimming facilities must calculate the number of visitors so that each person is given ten square meters of space

  • Restaurants, cafes and pubs can open but with limited capacity and with COVID measures

  • There is an entry ban for non-essential travel to Sweden from countries outside the EU. This ban will be in effect until 31st May

  • Limited airport lounges open for magazine placement


  • Our venue network is fully operational with all venues open as normal with social distancing restrictions in place

  • Airline lounges are taking magazines

  • Hotels are open and have reported fantastic occupancy levels thanks to staycations so magazines are in high demand

  • Offices are open with 100% workforce

  • Gyms, restaurants, spas and salons have all re-opened. Tables of 10 in restaurants is permitted and there are no restrictions on social gatherings at home

  • Beaches clubs are open and accepting magazines

  • Events are now back on track with a number of high profile events set to take place such as EXPO 2020. Please get in touch for event details


  • The airport is open including circa 50% of the lounges which are accepting magazines

  • Hotels must continue to comply with orders and are permitted to resume operations for all facilities including dine-in facilities, gyms, pools, spas & wellness, kids clubs etc

  • Shops, bars and restaurants are open, but all visits must be registered either through the Singapore government's Safe Entry and Trace Together apps or by using a Trace Together token. Alcohol is not available in restaurants after 10.30 p.m

  • Work related events held outside of the workplace are also permitted like product launches / branding events

  • Masks must be worn at all times when in public, except by those under six. There are exemptions for eating and exercising

Hong Kong

  • Social distancing measures have started to ease

  • Social gathering restrictions will remain at two people while dine-in services is extended to 10pm, allowing a maximum of four people per table.

  • Government services will also resume normal operations along with gyms, cinemas, gaming arcades, beauty and massage parlours, bowling alleys, amusement parks, and ice skating rinks on the basis they comply with additional infection-control measures

  • Circa 50% of airport lounges open and accepting magazines


  • Pretty much back to normal with very few restrictions still in place, states and territories have different levels of restrictions

  • Airline lounges - Qantas have reopened all of their ‘domestic’ metropolitan & regional lounges and are eager for magazines for their passengers. Qantas have also announced that they are planning to recommence International flights by June/July of this year

  • All metropolitan & regional hotels are open

  • Hairdressers and Medical waiting rooms are all open and have again started ordering weekly and monthly magazines for their customers to enjoy

  • Residential drops in high income suburbs has proven popular and is in high demand

*please note that this article was updated on 25th May and includes information available at the time.