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Global Media Hub can help drive subscriptions and data collection through a variety of innovative campaigns. A strong subscription offer, when presented to an appropriate audience, can turn a sample copy into a new subscriber.

Event Distribution and Brand to Hand – We can distribute copies of magazines directly into the hands of a targeted, captive audience. Our experienced merchandisers can highlight your subscriptions offer when handing out copies or potential subscribers can submit their data to the ambassadors in return for entering a competition or receiving a free copy of your magazine. We can also provide effective sales staff to manage subscriptions stands at events, engaging with attendees, data collecting and promoting subs.

Targeted Copy Placement – We can develop a bespoke placement plan to get your title in front of your target market, utilising our global network of venues we can place your title in:

  • Airports

  • Hotels

  • Corporate Locations

  • Luxury Apartments

  • Private Jet Centres

  • Supermarkets

  • Bars & Restaurants

Home Move Box - Welcome boxes are delivered into the homes of up to 20,000 home movers every month. We can place a copy of your magazine which arrives on the day of the move. This channel offers a high value audience of ABC1 decision makers. The high consumer engagement increases brand awareness, generates valuable social media and drives subscriptions.

Subscriptions Fulfilment - As well as increasing subscriptions we can often save money with our competitive mailing and parcel rates.


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