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Whisky Magazine


  • The aim of this activity was to raise the awareness and increase ticket sales for the publisher's upcoming event Whisky Live


  • The initial phase of the campaign involved placement of the latest issue of Whisky Magazine on our corporate racks and hotel network within a 5 mile radius of the event venue. A QR code and offer for the event was attached to each copy of the magazine

  • The second phase was flyering a Whisky and Gin Live leaflet to bars & restaurants within a 5 miles radius of the event venue

  • We promoted the events on our own social media channels with a discount code for upgraded tickets


  • On the day of the event we also had brand ambassadors handing out leaflets outside the venue and also inside the event helping to sell subs and merchandise


  • Copies were a big hit on our corporate office racks with supplies having to be being replenished multiple times a week


  • After our initial placement phase the publisher saw an increase in ticket sales by 10%


  • Thanks to our social media push, ticket sales increased by a further 5%


  • 'Global Media were able to offer a tailor made package that allowed us to promote and target the event to the correct demographic , thus driving additional ticket sales in advance and of the event. On the day of Whisky Live GM also provided staff who actively generated additional ticket sales achieved by setting up pop booths close to venue targeting day trippers and locals.'  - Richard Drake

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•To get the album direct into the hands of the target market to drive sticker sales.


•Our brand ambassadors were kitted out in Panini T-Shirts and sampled copies at London tube and train stations.

•We also utilised our placement network in London, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester and Southampton to place copies in leisure centres, cafés, bars, transport hubs, universities, museums and family attractions. 


•We saw fantastic pick up rates with both parents taking copies for their kids and from an older audience who were keen to start collecting as they had done in their youth!

•Panini were delighted with the work, Head of Sport Chris Clover commenting 'Global Media Hub did a fantastic job in sampling our Football Premier league sticker albums across multiple locations this year' I wouldn't hesitate to recommend their services and we will definitely be using them again in the near future.'

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The Week Junior - Science + Nature


•To build brand awareness and drive subscriptions


•We suggested brand to hand activity at central attractions we know to be popular during the school holidays including The Natural History and London Science museums

•To help drive subscriptions we suggested they take part in Morgan Stanley’s Children’s Day


•The Week Junior: Science + Nature saw an increase in subscriptions during the campaigns and in the days following



  • To drive sales and collect data


  • We distributed 10,000 copies of their new magazine across our network of stands in London offices over a two month period


  • The client received over 4,500 entries to win a Swiss ski break

  • This resulted in an uplift in sales and the capture of marketing opt-in data for Inghams

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