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What is event placement?


We place your copies in and around industry leading events to target new readers and advertisers.


Why should I do it?


Events provide a rich source of potential readers. They are often annual events but with careful magazine placement your title and brand can be recognised and remembered. Event placement can provide an uplift in newsstand sales for multiple issues. Placing magazines at events, both national and international, helps to build brand awareness.


Why Global Media Hub?


  • We can place magazines at Wimbledon, MIPIM, Fashion Week in London, Paris, Milan, New York, Baselworld and many more.

  • We have experience in distributing magazines to international events.

  • We know how to maximise the effectiveness of event placement.

  • Visitors are targeted at every stage of the event, beyond the confines of an exhibition stand.

  • We utilise brand to hand merchandising to give your brand face-to-face contact with your audience.


Contact us for a list of global events in your sector, or to see if we cover an event you already have in mind.

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