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NME Launch

We have been very busy lately with new business and one of the highlights over the past few months has been the free copy placement of NME. As you may know, NME moved to free targeted distribution in September and we have been working with them since April when NME first approached us for our input. NME currently print over 300,000 copies every week. Around half of this distribution is brand to hand at train stations and key universities nationwide, the remaining 150,000 copies are distributed through Global Media Hub.

Our original brief back in April was twofold. We were asked to investigate multiple logistic solutions for deliveries to around 500 retail outlets. Time Inc. secured enviable partnership deals with Topman, HMV and other independent record stores. They needed a bespoke distribution solution for this complex network of retail outlets. Global Media Hub provided cost effective and reliable next day delivery options with proof of delivery documentation for secure auditing. Deliveries had to satisfy a range of opening times and be effective on a national scale. Launch day itself had its own special requirements. Deliveries to nearly all venues were required prior to 12 noon and we were able to arrange this uniquely for the launch issue. On the day of the launch our field team were out in London to confirm deliveries at major stores included Selfridges and HMV Oxford Street.

Global Media Hub also recommended potential new venues for placement; venues that would be a good fit for the NME target audience. We knew early on that the dedicated racks we merchandise at nearly 50 university locations would make ideal placement venues from the first issue. These venues are all within the M25 and each venue is merchandised by our own network of drivers. NME agreed the audience would perfectly suit their target demographic and we began placement from the launch issue. Venues have been very excited about the new launch and copies are swiftly picked up from the stands each week.

In addition to the copy distribution, we also delivered counter display units to top ad agencies prior to the launch as well as their supply of copies on launch day. This was an important part of Time Inc’s distribution strategy and supported brand awareness with advertisers.

The distribution of NME is unique in the marketplace. It includes pioneering placement that Global Media Hub have been proud to be a part of. If you would like us to find out how we can help with your distribution, please get in touch with us on 01932 450709 or

“Global Media Hub’s experience in the free distribution sector has been essential to us. They went above and beyond to help us ensure the launch of NME was a success and they continue to adapt with us as NME evolves. Their customer focus and creativity are a breath of fresh air.” Adrian Hughes – Managing Director of Marketforce.

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