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COACH magazine

COACH magazine, launched in October, has kept us very busy this year. Although launched in October we have been part of the planning and management since July and we were pleased to be named as the sole distributor by Dennis for 300,000 cps per week.

Dennis Publishing had been planning to launch COACH for over a year. They researched every detail to ensure that they could offer the best possible content package for readers and a highly valuable and targeted audience for advertisers. They had a very specific audience in mind, targeting their readers by age, marital status, income, kids, sporting hours a week and education. We identified the venues in our network that would provide this specific demographic. We hand selected corporate offices, luxury apartments, gyms and hotels which matched their target audience.

We also provided research and distribution options to new venues where we could expand. We carried out marketing calls to secure access to 400 gyms across the UK. These 400 venues agreed to display copies and have them available for members, staff and other visitors. We continue to manage the relationship with these venues, ensuring correct supply levels and as COACH evolves, we continue to approach new venues on their behalf.

Dennis also required nationwide brand-to-hand distribution of 200,000 copies. They selected London train stations and main cities for their distribution, based on their own knowledge of the target audience and our extensive research into their target demographic. We helped to plan and continue to manage the distribution.

On the 7th of October, the day of the launch, our field team were out in force to ensure compliance among staff handing out copies and to report back on any teething problems. The launch was a brilliant success with lots of positive feedback from members of the public.

Dennis have plans to publish an ABC figure in 2016 and thanks to our ABC accreditation this will be a smooth process.

Ian Westwood commented, “Dennis have worked closely with Global Media Hub during both the pre-and post-launch phases of COACH magazine. Throughout the process Global have proved themselves to be a highly dependable and professional supplier, providing us with valuable insight, great planning advice and a genuinely hands-on service.”

If you would like to hear more about our brand to hand and copy placement service or anything else mentioned above you can get in touch with us at

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