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Coach and The Week with smart water and Google

Brand to hand activity was the flavour of the week

in London with various brands capitalising on the

busy London streets in the build up to Christmas

Copies of COACH Magazine were handed out at over 50 stations on both Tuesday and Wednesday. Coach’s content will cater for both male and female readers from now on, drawing on the expertise from the wider portfolio of fitness titles at Dennis Publishing.

COACH Magazine teamed up with GLACÉAU smartwater for this final edition who were themselves promoting their newest brand of drink - GLACÉAU smartwater Sparkling. 50,000 bottles were handed out across London as commuters were welcomed with a bottle of this new clean crisp sparkling water at the end of their morning commute. Over 50 promotional staff and carefully positioned SMART water branded pick up points were just about enough to keep up with the high demand across the capital with commuters’ keen to try the newest brand in the Coca Cola stable.

It didn’t stop there. We handed out 150,000 copies of The Week to commuters at over 30 different station locations promoting the new Google Pixel Phone. Copies were available all day in London, handed out by over 200 promotional staff around the city, covering both the morning and evening rush hour.

And finally, we distributed the first issue of The London edition of Essential Journal across tube stations in central London. We also handed out copies of Chapar Handbook which is a wonderful new title for men who love clothes, hate shopping.

Phew. Time to put our feet up and enjoy Christmas.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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