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Opportunities stateside are moving at an exciting pace. We are now working with several US based publishers and have secured, amongst other sought after venues, unique placement in NYC university clubs. These are exclusive private clubs associated with universities, such as Yale and Harvard, and we have even secured in-room placement in The Cornel Club guest rooms. These venues provide access to influential alumni and young entrepreneurs. The Cornel Club are excited to be working with us. (see testimonial below)

We are building relationships with selected venues including bridal boutiques, spas and salons such as Angelo Lambrou, Mark Ingram Bridal Atelier, The Peninsula Spa New York and The Drawing Room New York Salon. Get in touch with us to find out more about these new venues.

Publishers in the US now have access to global copy placement, including long haul destinations like Dubai, Hong Kong and Europe. These countries have historically been difficult to include in distribution plans for US publishers because of high freight costs but our competitive logistic network means we have been able to access this valuable audience for clients in the US.

Thank you for the complimentary copies, our members love them. I hope that this program continues. It grabs the interest of our members, and hopefully they are prime candidates to purchase subscriptions. I am no marketing genius but I do believe this is a wonderful program with the monthly dose of free copies.

The Cornell Club, New York

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