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Product Sampling in 2018

One of the most effective marketing tools, the free sample, is no longer limited to media with our NEW product sampling service. Your brand/product can be placed in the hands of any demographic you wish to target with our merchandised stands, brand to hand service and now even airline lounges.

So, who do you want your product to reach?

  • 18-21 year olds - Take advantage of placement and branding on our university racks. These venues give you the opportunity to reach early adopters and can create lifetime loyalty for your brand.

  • 22-44 year olds – Placement at corporate offices in Canary Wharf and the City provides a fantastic opportunity to promote your brand with today’s decision makers.

  • 45-65 year olds – Cruise ship placement gives you a truly captive audience in the terminals and the great news is that this growing audience has disposable income and the free time to spend it. There is an enviable range of advertising opportunities available in our cruise ship terminals including digital screens, poster sites and side panels on our magazine stands.

  • Children – Brand to hand activity gives you the chance to engage directly with your target audience. Offering children’s products during school holidays is becoming more and more popular with brands as it continues to prove itself as an efficient route to market.

  • Events - Event sampling gives you both a timely and targeted opportunity to introduce your brand whilst collecting valuable data from potential customers.

  • Affluent audiences – Pay-to-play airport lounges. Previously, we have only been able to offer a route to the first class and business class lounges for magazines, but now other products and brands can reach this coveted demographic.*

With this wonderful mix of opportunities, competitive rates and our continued focus on excellent customer service, product sampling is the perfect addition to your marketing strategy in 2018. Contact us now and take the first steps to paving the way for your brand.

*Subject to airline approval

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