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We all know the story - copies are printed with activity in mind but unexpectedly the plan goes awry. You are left with spare copies in the warehouse. So what do you do with your overstock?

Don’t waste it. PLACE IT.

You can make sure every single copy printed has a job to do. These extra copies can provide you with brand exposure, an audience boost, help to drive sales and subscriptions and even advertiser interest.

Our merchandised stands in corporate offices, universities, cruise terminals and luxury apartments are ideal for extra copies. This range of venues allows you to reach early-adopters through to empty-nesters as well as high net worth individuals and decision makers. As one of our most cost effective placement options there really is no downside.

We can also collect ABC auditable retail returns and utilise them for copy placement saving on production costs and improving sustainability.

If you have extra copies of your current or back issues get in touch with your account manager or call the office on 01932 450 709 for a quote.

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