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Washington DC distribution

Our US office has developed a comprehensive distribution in the capital of the United States, Washington DC.

Washington DC is home to the United States federal government and many international organizations. Copy placement here will give you access to an affluent and influential market. Audience opportunities include:

  • Power and Affluence - Capitol Hill | Federal Agencies | Embassies | Supreme Court | Pentagon | The White House | Media Outlets | Army-Navy Club | University Club | Metropolitan Club | Cosmos Club

  • Education and Influence - 10 Major Universities | Lobbyists/Law Offices| Think Tanks | Grassroots Advocacy Groups

  • Banking and Finance - World Bank | Export-Import Bank | International Monetary Fund | WGL Holdings

  • Corporates and Hotels - Marriott Headquarters| Hilton Headquarters | Amazon DC Headquarters| Bloomberg LP | PepsiCo

  • International Organisations - Pan-American Health Organisation | International Finance Corporation | US Agency for International Development

If you want to target educated, affluent 25 – 40 year old’s, Washington DC is the ideal location.

Washington DC has:

  • The highest median income in the US

  • The highest per capita income in the US

  • A median age of 33.9

  • The title of second most educated city in the US

Placement is also available at Washington National Airport and Washington Dulles Airport. In fact, we can provide copy placement for your title in all airports across the US.

You may be surprised by how cost effective placement in Washington DC has become. Read more about global placement here or get in touch with your account manager for a free, no obligation bespoke distribution plan.

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