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Captive Cruisers

Get your title in front of a captive and affluent market. It’s now peak season for cruising, Global Media Hub have exclusive access to the four terminals at Southampton, the main hub for cruise ships in the UK. With over two million passengers passing through Southampton this year it is a fantastic opportunity to increase brand awareness, encourage repeat purchase and drive subscriptions via copy placement and media screen adverts. Southampton gives access to all cruise brands including P&O, Royal Caribbean, Cunard and Princess.

Cruising continues to outperform the holiday market. According to Mintel, between 2018 and 2023, the number of sea cruise holidays taken by British and Irish travellers is predicted to grow at 22.5%, compared to a 14.8% increase in the number of overseas holidays in the same timeframe.

The average age of a passenger from the UK is 55 (Internationally it is 46) and there has been a significant increase in short cruise breaks that attract a much younger audience.

If you would like some more information about adding this audience to your circulation plan get in touch with your account manager or email

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