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Making Workplaces Safe

During the pandemic, we have been constantly looking at how we can help our venues and clients with the challenges COVID-19 poses. The subsequent result has been the launch of our new division The PPE Hub.

This division provides a range of cost-effective and accessible hygiene products presented in a well-considered format. The innovative items that have proved most popular are our Back To Work Boxes and PPE Pouches both of which contain essential items such as sanitising gel, masks, gloves and wipes. The beauty of the box is that not only can it be branded but the inside lid of the box can display customised messages from the employer/venue and a personalised letter to welcome people back individually.

To help maintain correct hygiene etiquette, we offer branded sanitiser stations which are an attractive addition to any reception area for both employees and visitors. These operate automatically to minimise contact and the certified gel we provide is not only 80% alcohol but also virology tested.

Our Sanitiser is manufactured in the UK and available in large volumes immediately at competitive prices

Please get in touch if we can help you reassure employees and guests that safety is your primary focus.

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