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Is there still a place for print in today’s digital world?

As the amount of time we spend on digital devices increases, so does the method for which we consume media. Naturally, brands follow the data and digital ad spend increased whilst print budgets have been slashed but is this really the right path to be taking?

It is undeniable that digital ad networks are enormous, with their scale and reach outdoing print tenfold. However, print media thrives on credibility, providing the security that digital cannot. Consumers view print as one of the most trusted sources of information. Magazines avoid some of the issues around unsafe advertising environments that plague digital and consumers find print information far more believable than what they get from digital counterparts with an average trust score of 82%.

Consumers also find magazine advertising to be more relevant than advertising in any other channel, with 57% percent of consumers stated that magazine advertising is part of the experience, the highest score for any channel!

Neuroscience research has also highlighted that there are significant differences in how our brain processes print and digital ad formats with paper-based content providing significant advantages in creating a connection. One study asked participants to remember the brand from an advert they were shown, those who viewed the print advert had 70% higher recall than those who were shown the digital advert. These findings support that print has an unrivalled sensory quality, people value something they can see and touch and the combination of the senses creates an emotion-stirring response which makes the brand resonates for longer compared to digital interactions. Print captivates the consumer and is the glue for content!

E-commerce brands have started to recognise that print can effectively drive people online and has an important part to play in their marketing strategy. Quality print is seen as the right vehicle to promote premium products, as well as to reach high-value and niche audiences.

Of course, there is no denying that we live in an increasingly digital world, however, print continues to prevail and show its resilience, as it has done many times in the past.

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