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The twelve days of Global Media Hub

On the first day of Christmas, we bring to you… Brand to Hand and Live events: Live events provide valuable and timely exposure to your target demographic. We can provide a presence at prestigious events such as Fashion Weeks, Art Basel, Grand Prixs, The Open and many more. We also create inspirational campaigns across a range of locations such train/tube stations, shopping centres and outside popular tourist attractions to optimise brand awareness and increase sales.

On the second day of Christmas, we bring to you… Global venue placement: We can help you reach your target audience through innovative distribution around the globe including; USA (Global Media Hub boasts many years’ experience in the free sector in the US and benefit from a proactive team on the ground), UAE, Australia, Europe. Our comprehensive international network includes hotels, spas, air and rail lounges, airports, cafes, private clubs, marinas, private yachts, jet centres, top corporates and luxury apartments and many more.

On the third day of Christmas, we bring to you… Southampton cruise terminals: We can provide access to the heart of the cruise industry through our exclusive placement across all five of Southampton’s Cruise Terminals. 2024 is set to be busier than 2023, with 500 cruise calls, and approx. 2.75 million passengers. With more 5 star cruise liners than ever before the stands provide access to a captive and affluent audience.

On the fourth day of Christmas, we bring to you… Corporate offices and Luxury apartments: Our fully-owned and merchandised racks in prominent businesses and luxury apartments offer access to AB1 audiences across Canary Wharf and The City.

On the fifth day of Christmas, we bring to you… Airline and Eurostar* lounges: Placement in airport lounges globally provide access to a HNW audience, reaching them when they have the dwell time to fully immerse themselves in your title, taking in and appreciating the content/absorb advertising.

We can also provide access to the Eurostar* lounges in London and Paris, which see 800,000 AB1 passengers monthly. In addition to lounge placement we can offer the following promotional opportunities:

  • Read of the Week: This promotional stand at St Pancras offers you exclusive placement for your magazine allowing for multiple facings of your title. This impressive display provides the wow factor and offers invaluable exposure.

  • Eurostar* Recommends: This promotional space is available at Paris and offers exclusive top shelf space for multiple facings of your magazine. Multi facings ensure your title stands out from the crowd.

*lounge placement subject to approval

On the sixth day of Christmas, we bring to you… Driving subscriptions & Data collection: If you are looking to increase your subscribers in 2024 our experienced team of brand ambassadors can help you achieve this. Our merchandisers can highlight your subscriptions offer when handing out copies or alternatively, potential subscribers can submit their data to the ambassadors in return for entering a competition or receiving a free copy of your magazine. We can also provide effective sales staff to manage subscriptions stands at events, engaging with attendees, data collecting and promoting subs.

On the seventh day of Christmas, we bring to you… Savings on logistics: We can save you money with our extensive logistics network, offering highly competitive rate for mailings, courier parcels, pick & pack, storage, bulk freight and print site collections.

On the eighth day of Christmas, we bring to you… Supermarkets: We can provide mass-market targeting into local, regional and national supermarkets (Sainsbury, Tesco, Asda, Morrisons and Co-Op).

On the ninth day of Christmas, we bring to you… Residential door drops: Residential deliveries increase brand awareness, help drive commercial action and get your publication straight into the hands of a target audience. Areas can be targeted by postcode using the latest planning software and Mosaic to segment your audience. Copies can be delivered with a strong subscription offer to provide a targeted, measurable marketing campaign which is also ABC auditable. We can offer this service overseas too!

On the tenth day of Christmas, we bring to you… Digital: With our partners “Media Box”, we can provide a solution for venues to supply newspapers and magazines digitally. In addition we can place digital editions of publishers titles into airport lounges and hotels globally through the current “Media Box” network.

On the eleventh day of Christmas, we bring to you… E-commerce: We’re working on e-commerce projects with publisher and non-publisher clients alike. Using print distribution targeting consumers at homes to drive product awareness then fulfilling orders utilising our competitive courier rates and IT systems which can plug directly into publishers’ sites.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, we bring to you… Confidence with over 50 years’ experience, comprehensive distribution feedback and ABC accreditation: Our team has over 50 years’ experience in the sector. We provide an extensive picture report after each activity, anecdotal feedback from our venues plus recommendations for future distribution. We have been ABC accredited for 8 consecutive years.


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